Student Instruction and Fees

All Registration & Payments must be made in advance.  Students must complete course within 90 days.  No refunds after 90 days and payments are not transferable.

Driver Education Classroom – Advanced Registration and Payment Required.  Check Class Schedule Here or Register Now. $100 register now
On-line Driver Education – Get instant access 24 hours a day

Instant Student Licensing Program (ISLP)



6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel

Hours 1-6: Morgan Hill/San Martin/Gilroy, San Jose or Hollister also availabe: Back roads, turns, intersections, lane changes, one-way streets & congestion, Freeway driving, merging, lane changes, parallel parking and backing up.

*effective 02/01/2019

Home Pick up and/or Drop Off (mileage from and to office) TBD
DMV Drive Test (Former Roadrunner students)– Gilroy / Hollister, Santa Teresa, San Jose – Alma *$250
DMV Drive Test (non-Roadrunner students)- Gilroy / Hollister, Santa Teresa, San Jose – Alma *$300
Adult Lessons (18 years or older) Single 2 Hour Lesson *$225
Adult Lessons (18 yrs +)  6 Hours (Three – 2 hour sessions) Save $75 *$600
No Show / No Permit Fee for Driver Education & Driver Training *$80
Cancellation fee with Less than 24 hour notice for Driver Education & Driver Training *$25
Return Check fee (10 days to pay in full or turned over to DA’s office) $25 Payments must be made at least 48 hours in advance by – Contacting us during regular business hours.

*Driver Behind-the-Wheel Training Fees subject to change without notice due to surcharges