We Train You to Become a Driving Instructor

As we enroll more students each year at Roadrunner, we need more drivers. Have you been looking for a rewarding job with flexible hours? We are looking for qualified individuals with a similar goal of keeping our teen’s safe while on the road and creating a positive learning environment in which they can practice and learn the tools needed to be a responsible driver. We are looking for both part-time and full-time driving instructors.  Must be available, weekends, holidays, at least 21 years old and have a clean DMV driving record.  The details about becoming a Driving School Instructor may be found at the DVM website Driving School Instructor License Application Requirements.  Please review this website completely including the Driving School Handbook (PDF) and the Driving School Instructor Plan (guidelines) (PDF).

Submit your completed Application and copy of your clean DMV Driving Record to our office during regular business hours.

Print an Application Now to start your training!  Call 408-779-9190 during regular business hours for more information.