Start Here – Safe Driver Checklist

cautionStarting the Vehicle:

  • Adjusts mirrors and seat
  • Fastens safety belt
  • Knows where the operating controls are located


Moving Forward:

  • Signals
  • Looks in mirrors and over shoulder before pulling into traffic
  • Uses two hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel



  • Checks traffic (sees and reacts to hazards)
  • Stops behind crosswalk or limit line
  • Stops without using accelerator at the same time



  • Slows for turns
  • Begins and ends turns in the correct lane
  • Yields right of way when neccessary
  • Accepts legal right of way when safe
  • Sees and reacts to hazards



  • Checks mirrors and looks over right shoulder


Changing Lanes:​

  • Signals
  • Checks mirrors
  • Checks over shoulder to view blind spot
  • Changes lanes safely
  • Maintains speed


Driving on the Freeway:

  • Checks traffic flow
  • Times entry into freeway
  • Checks mirrors and over shoulder before merging into traffic
  • Signals early and slows on exit ramp
  • Adjusts speed to road conditions


Defensive Driving Techniques:

  • Checks mirrors before braking
  • Checks cross streets before passing
  • Checks signal lights and signs
  • Keeps eyes “moving”
  • Keeps a “space cushion” around the car
  • Follows at a safe distance